NHS Highland

Another successful public sector project delivery for a major UK healthboard.

NHS Highland’s existing website contained outdated information, didn’t work on mobile phones and was full of vulnerabilities that could bring it down at any time.

Following best practice NHS design processes and engaging with end users throughout, we delivered an engaging, interactive and fully accessible website that meets the specific needs and requirements of all patients, staff and stakeholders.

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Key deliverables

Putting the user front and centre whilst making the content accessible for all

NHS Highland NHS Digital Design Manual V2
Recipe for Success

Sticking to the manual

We utilised the NHS Digital Design Manual to develop NHS Highland's new website.

The manual covers essential topics such as accessibility, usability, and user-centred design, ensuring the website meets high-quality standards. We used the manual throughout the design and development process to create a website that specifically meets the needs of NHS Highland, whilst adhering to best practices.

Simply put, using the NHS Digital Design Manual ensured a high-quality and functional website.

NHS Highland From 3G To 5G V2
challenging locations

From 3G to 5G

Geographically speaking, NHS Highland is the largest Health Board in the UK. With a population of just 320,000, it also must serve users in the remotest of locations.

With real technical challenges around strength of internet connection in many communities, the brief stated that regardless of strength of signal, all pages should load efficiently and as quickly as the connection allows. 

The website was designed to perform well even on slower internet connections, ensuring that all users can easily access its features. This involved keeping the size of pages to a minimum. Umbraco's media library tools automatically compress images and the utilisation of the NHS Digital Design Manual helped further minimise page loading times throughout the region.

NHS Highland Style Ten Multiple Phones Template Rev 1
In summary

Delivering success

The project was a resounding success for NHS Highland, providing numerous benefits for the organisation and its patients. These include quick and easy access to important information and resources, resulting in improved patient care and staff efficiency, and increased public engagement with NHS Highland, fostering a sense of community involvement and trust. 

These successes demonstrate the importance of user engagement in website design and development, as well as the effectiveness of tailored solutions that meet specific client needs. Overall, the new website has been an asset for NHS Highland and a testament to the benefits of investing in quality web design.

What NHS Highland thought

Communication was good throughout the process and the development progressed smoothly. The team used the NHS digital design manual to ensure a consistent and clear user experience. The site has been well received and is much easier to search and navigate.

Ruth Fry
Head of Communications and Engagement / NHS Highland

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