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A long-overdue website overhaul that makes it easy for the public to access vital information, integrates with external NHS services and is a dream for editors to maintain.

Delivered at a vital time during the pandemic, our team did everything they could to take the burden off staff and stakeholders, and delivered this exemplar website on-time and within budget.

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In-depth discussions, legacy systems, immoveable deadlines, but with a clear vision for success

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Delivering against a tight deadline

Initially appointed in December 2019, Factory had to move fast to meet the end of March deadline we were set.

By running effective scoping and planning workshops in January, we were able to quickly gather all requirements and surface any potential blockers for further into the project.

We worked in parallel with the designers at SevenFive, building what we could while the look-and-feel was being developed.  It was in the final month that design and build came together, and we delivered a fully-working CMS platform on deadline.

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Going the extra mile in a pandemic

While our deadline was met, we were all aware content was going to take some time to complete before the site could be made live.

We knew there was a need to get clear information out to users quickly, and that the existing site was not fit for purpose.  By offering to re-deploy some of what we had developed early in the project, we were able to launch a Coronavirus Microsite by late March which became the main outlet for health information in the region.

We made every effort to be proactive and to support our client while they were dealing with their responsibilities under the pandemic.  By ensuring there were no issues in delivery we hope we helped their workload just a little.

The microsite, and the new website have been vital tools in the spread of reliable and up-to-date information relating to Covid-19 and has radically improved NHS communications within the community.

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Useable and Accessible

A key requirement was that the website should comply with WCAG 2.1  AA accessibility standards.  More than just a box-ticking exercise, we always strive to deliver a site that in many areas exceeds these requirements.

The design ensured all key accessibility measures were included.  Text size, colour contrast, button spacing and the behind-the-scenes technical implementation.

We also incorporated Userway’s accessibility technology which is the world’s most advanced AI-powered accessibility compliance solution.  This provides additional options in contrast and colour combinations, that may not be supported by a client browser.

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What NHS Fife thought

Factory 73 interpreted our needs successfully and delivered a website that delivers an engaging user experience.

They are an innovative digital agency that provide real solutions to our specifications and help our audiences achieve their goals. Very much recommended.

Kirsty MacGregor
Director of Communications / NHS Fife

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