Our Net Zero Ambitions

We strongly believe that Scotland's ambitious target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2045 can only be achieved if every organisation plays their part in decarbonising their processes. 

Our mission to reach net zero is constantly evolving and this page shows our progress on the areas we have identified as requiring action. We will be reporting our progress annually, with the first progress report scheduled for publication in October 2024.

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Recycling to be compulsory at our studio

We recycle all discarded cardboard, paper, and plastic by means of an agreement with a waste disposal company who are contracted by our landlord, Lambert, Smith and Hampton.


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Use renewable electricity at our studio

Electricity in our studio is metered and we are able to choose our energy supplier. Since September 2021, Octopus Energy have supplied all of the power in our studio.

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Encourage recycling and renewable energy use at home

We operate a hybrid working policy, meaning staff can also work from home. So, we encourage our team to adopt our sustainability ethos when working from home, including cutting down on household waste.

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Remove flying as an option within the UK for business travel

When we need to travel for business within the UK, we do not take internal flights. We rely on public transport, and where necessary, the use of road vehicles.

If we are travelling internationally to see clients or attend events, the CO2 emissions are offset once the project is complete.

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Ensure responsible electronic recycling

When computers, tablets and phones have reached the end of their useable life with us, we'll endeavour to dispose of them responsibly in one of two ways:

Charity giveaway
If the device still has use beyond Factory73, we'll donate it to a local charity.

Recycling via Apple
Any Apple products we can't recycle via charity donation will be given back to Apple for disassembly and reintroduction to the manufacturing supply chain.

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Implement a sustainable printing strategy, both internally and externally

In an ideal world, there would be no need for printing. But the nature of a busy agency means that the creation of printed assets is often unavoidable.

Externally, our preferred printing supplier is already carbon neutral.

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Ensure all our cloud services are powered by renewables

We are heavily reliant on cloud services for the delivery of assets, projects, events and other services to our clients.

The cloud services we employ in the execution of our work are based in various countries across the world. Globally, data centres consume around 200 TWh each year, and although this is 1% of global power demand, is is still an enormous amount of electricity.

Therefore, we intend to make sure that all cloud services we use are powered by renewables by the end of 2025 and this is a commitment our Azure cloud service provider has committed to.

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Offset carbon emissions created by deliveries to and from our studio

We frequently order supplies, equipment and other materials from different companies. These are for our own use, on behalf of our clients, or for use in events we have been asked to deliver.

On an annual basis, we will calculate the carbon output of all deliveries and pickups from our studio and offset.

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