Established in 1840, Andrew Muirhead & Son is a UK-based family business widely recognised as a global leader in the sustainable manufacturing of high-performance leather.

Award winning design agency Stand created a new forward-thinking brand and position, and partnered with Factory73 to realise Muirhead's vision through a new website. 

The result is a dynamic and engaging online experience, with a beautiful interactive product catalogue delivered into eight languages.

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In partnership with Stand we brought the company's long history and compelling stories to life

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Browsing the Muirhead collection

The challenge was clear - how to present 140 unique leathers in a single easy-to-use interface on both desktop and mobile.

Stand commissioned photography of all products, and designed a carousel UI which shows swatches of each leather that can be expanded and enlarged to see real detail.  

Factory's challenge was to extend this with all product technical details, allow searching and filtering across the ranges, and integrate with an e-Commerce solution to manage orders and shipment.

We think it worked out beautifully.

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Create Your Own Leather

Sometimes a customer needs an exact colour that's on-brand, and the client wanted them to know they weren't limited by standard products.  

The custom colour tool we created allows the user to choose from a colour-picker or enter a Pantone or RAL standard colour code to specify their needs.  If we find an existing product that's a close match we offer that, otherwise the user can carry on and make an inquiry for a custom order.

View the Create Your Own Leather tool here.

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8 x Languages, 1-to-1 translated

We launched in English, but quickly moved towards delivering in all the primary languages of Muirhead's sales regions.

Using the Vorto module for Umbraco we were able to configure the CMS for one-to-one translation, and leverage the Translation Manager package to integrate with the translation partner, Skrivanek.

What we achieved is a content workflow, where pages are authored in English and sent directly to the partner for translation. The results are sent back to the CMS where they are unpackaged and published, massively reducing any overhead and manual effort.


Factory73 worked incredibly well with our creative team on this project. They have been instrumental in the delivery of a stunning website incorporating a highly intuitive product selection experience that existing and potential customers simply love using.

Neil Clark
Marketing Director / Muirhead
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