New brand and website launch for Factory73

TL;DR:  We’ve changed our logo and updated our website.


After many months working closely with design partners SevenFive Creative, we are delighted to launch our new brand and website.

Our first logo was created in 2011 when the company was formed, and paid more than lip-service to MD Graeme McClurkin’s love of all things Factory Records.  It also featured what we fondly called “The Pretzel” - an RGB colour wheel which may have been a throwback reference too far.

This change is long overdue, but when you’re busy and focussed on delivering the best products for your clients, in-house marketing often has to take second place.

That said, we made it happen and hope you like the results.  With a stronger font and simpler colour palette our new logo is, we believe, more refined but still contains a nod to its roots. It also scales well and can be implemented easily in a wide variety of placements.

This is our new visual direction. We hope you think it suits us