Factory73 deliver an App for Cycling Scotland that can be used anywhere.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for cycling at Factory73 so we were delighted when we got the opportunity to work with Cycling Scotland, the nation’s cycling organisation.

Cycling Scotland work in partnership with other organisations, and with funding from Transport Scotland, they help create an environment for everyone in Scotland to cycle easily and safely.

A few years back, they developed a web application that was used to help teach people cycling skills.  Since the app launch, teaching methods had changed but there was no way to change the app content.

Working closely with Cycling Scotland, we have built an App admin area in Umbraco that would let them add, edit and delete sections and questions and also let them download the App to devices for offline use.

As accessiblity experts, we also ensured the whole experience complied with web accessibility standards, ensuring the App could be used by as wide an audience as possible, on any device.

Try the App out