Lex Mundi

Lex Mundi came to our creative partner, Stand, with a number of problems with their website and its underlying Content Management System. Poor navigation, slow performance and inconsistent layouts all led to a poor User Experience.

While Stand produced a new brand identity and redesigned the website from top to bottom, Factory73 were tasked with realising this vision on a brand new Umbraco CMS platform.

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The brief

The existing site was build using a module on the client’s iMIS Membership System, which did not provide the flexibility or capabilities expected of a current CMS platform.

Stand created a new and very unique design, along with a new site architecture to simplify content and provide clear user journeys. We were asked to implement this design "to the pixel", and build flexible templates to ensure the site would be easy to manage going forward.

Many pages involved surfacing the organisation’s member firm and lawyer details in different ways, and allowing content to be linked directly to member contributors and their firms.  Factory73 had to fully integrate the client’s membership database with the new CMS, and ensure any changes made by the client or their members remained in sync.

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The Platform

Umbraco CMS as the foundation

Building our platform around Umbraco CMS, we created a split architecture where flexible templates were developed alongside a database-like directory of firms and lawyers.  This approach allowed the client to link any piece of content to a firm or specific contributing lawyer, looping the user back to connect with specific legal experts.

Search was to be a core feature, and using Umbraco’s Examine search capability we were able to build the Find a Lawyer function to include the complex business rules set out by the client.

Using Umbraco Membership, we built a secure Extranet area for members to login and manage all aspects of their account.  The custom development of this area allowed us to produce a greatly improved User Experience than that of the previous site.

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User Experience

A stand-out design

Stand produced a new cutting-edge design, including (for the first time we can remember) a bottom-fixed navigation. This set the site apart from the outset, allowing page content to take priority over navigation, keeping the header area clean and clutter-free, and encouraging the user to read before moving on. 

Our front-end specialists were able to achieve this detailed design, and the multitude of content components, perfectly and ensured compatibility across all browsers and devices.

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Connected to the wider digital ecosystem

The core system we had to work against was the iMIS Membership Management system used as the client’s CRM.  This was to remain the master source for all lawyer, firm and contact information, and Factory73 had to develop a strategy for synchronising this data with Umbraco.

Furthermore, we integrated event information from Aventri, allowing this to be embedded into the site without linking out.  We then syndicated all event information out to the client's mobile app.

We created a number of automated tasks to pull profile data from various sources and store in Umbraco, making everything quick to access, edit and search.


The team at Factory73 took the time to understand our technical scope, our specific requirements and turn around a product that exceeded expectations.

The new website pulls in complex data from multiple sources but delivers it in a way that is fast, responsive and seamless for the user. They are great at not just diving into the work, but first understanding the background and business case for changes and updates. I appreciate the way they keep working toward a solution and never just say “that cannot be done.”

Factory73 has helped us maintain (and improve) our new website in a pro-active and ongoing way. They are a valuable extension of our in-house marketing team.


Let’s create something great